A snake interrupted a woman and her client as they got down to business in a bush.

Reports said the woman, a sex worker, had agreed on a deal with a man, and both of them decided on using a bush close to Joel Shopping Centre in the Zhombe region of Zimbabwe.

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As the pair got down to business, the snake, likely angry with them for disturbing its habitat or perhaps afternoon nap, bit the woman.

She was rushed to Zhombe Mission Hospital, The Chronicle reported, where she is said to be responding to treatment.

The traditional leader, Chief Weight Ndabezinhle Gwesela, confirmed the incident.

“It is true there was a woman who was bitten by a snake while having sex with her boyfriend in the bush. I heard the reports, and I am told she is now recovering at the hospital,” he said.

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He lamented that young women have now resorted to prostitution to make ends meet. He said some ven offer themselves for a plate of food, saying the poor economy has forced many into the illicit trade.

In a similar incident, a man was caught having a last taste of his lover’s pudding at his wedding venue. Unfortunately for him, things got messy when his bride caught him pants down…yeah, big mess!

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