I bet Nigerian men will like this one.

Prince Chinedu Munir Nwoko, also known as Ned Nwoko, has challenged Nigerian men to marry more than one wife.

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In a chat with the Guardian, the lawyer and politician said it would reduce prostitution, urging men in the south to emulate their northern counterparts.

“Many women are out there without a husband, especially in the southern part of the country, and there is a high level of prostitution. If the southern men emulate their northern counterparts by marrying more than one wife, that could probably change the situation.

“An average southerner may have one wife with girlfriends, and he is spending money on the girlfriends, sometimes even more than his wife.

“For instance, the man, who has three wives, concentrate on them, every money he makes is spent on his family, and he is more likely not to have a girlfriend or concubines. The money those with several girlfriends spend on them is a gift, not an investment in the family,” he said.

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He praised the Ooni of Ife, saying he and the monarch were serving Nigeria by marrying many wives.

Errm, dear men, before you accept Prince Nwoko’s challenge, please check your account balance…you fit carry that kin load?