Juliana Olayode, a Nollywood actress, has cried out after battling to get her mind off sex.

In a video on her Instagram handle, she lamented that it has become hard to abstain from sex, lamenting that all she thinks about is sex.

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“I have never struggled sexually like I have these past few months. The temptations were HUGE!! AMBIGUOUS!!! 😂😂 I was almost thinking I was bewitched, I think say persin jazz me…🤣🤣

“Thank God for God!!! Again I was reminded that on this journey, your strength will fail you and that it takes God to please God. We can not walk this path relying on our own strength, else we will FALL!

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“I decided to share my struggles, just to encourage at least one person and so some of y’all who think I have “super powers” would know that I have flesh and blood just like y’all and abstaining from sex /staying sexually pure is a decision I have to constantly make everyday,” she wrote.