Globacom Limited, also known as Glo, is a multinational telecommunications firm in Nigeria. The firm, which began operations in August 2003, has a dedicated service unit known as Glo customer care.

This wholly indigenous company had more than 3,500 employees worldwide, as of June 2018, and a good number of these employees work in the Glo customer care unit and provide a range of services to the network’s subscribers.

This piece will, therefore, look at Glo’s customer care operations in detail.

What is Glo customer care number?

Just like every other company, Glo is a customer-centric company. The network’s customer care caters to the needs of its customers. The Glo customer care focuses on providing answers to complaints of their customers and also helps customers regarding their inquiries about services on Glo.

The Glo customer care number is 080500020121 or 2348050020200. The numbers are also toll-free lines, with customer service agents at the end to resolve customers’ complaints. You do not need airtime for the call to go through, all you need is a good network connection and a registered SIM card. You can get them at any time of the day; however, the best time to call them is from 08:00 am to 3:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays and from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on weekends.

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Glo customer care on WhatsApp 

Currently, Glo does not have a number available to connect Glo customer service to WhatsApp. This piece will be updated once this happens.

Glo customer care live chat

Glo customer care live chat

The Glo live chat was a platform created by the company to reach and gain more customers. The live chat is an open chat that is available on the Glo website. 

To gain access to the live chat follow the instructions below:

  • Log on to the Glo website or click here.
  • Then scroll to the section where you see a chat symbol and click on it
  • At this point, you are ready to chat with a customer care representative.

How can I complain to Glo customer care? 

To make a complaint on the Glo customer care number follow the steps below.

  • Go to your phone app and dial the customer care number. It could be 080500020121 or 2348050020200. 
  • Then follow the instructions that would be given to you.
  • This is because there are different instructions for different complaints.
  • Once you have followed the instructions completely.
  • Wait for a customer care representative to speak with you. It usually takes some seconds to an hour depending on the time you are calling them.
  • Once a customer care representative is assigned to you then you can let them know what your complaint is and they will help you with them.

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Glo customer care email address 

The Glo customer care email address is another effective means customers on the Glo network can channel their enquiries. Customers can send their complaints and inquiries to the email address: [email protected].

Glo customer care USSD code

To make it easier to resolve some issues with customers on Glo, the Glo customer service unit has provided USSD codes for customers to file complaints or make inquiries.

The two customer care USSD codes are;

  • 121, which is used by prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • 200, which is used by corporate customers

When a customer dials 200, the service does not offer you the ability to ask for any of the languages used in Nigeria. Once you call 200 with your Glo number, listen to the information and service promotions and follow the prompt message. it automatically connects you to the customer care representative on the ground. 

On the other hand, 121 does not connect you directly to a customer care representative. Instead, it provides you with all of the necessary information and services for Glo customers. Dialling 121 also offers one the opportunity to choose their preferred language. The languages available are Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, English and Pidgin English.

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