An Abuja-based businesswoman, identified as Thurayyah Ahmed, has raised the alarm over the high rate of infidelity among married people in Abuja. 

The lady said she had noticed a trend among married couples in the Federal Capital Territory having affairs with other individuals for monetary gains.

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The businesswoman condemned them for not having self-discipline, adding that she, as a married woman, would rather keep herself busy with work than follow men for monetary gain.

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The IT founder revealed that she feels ashamed on their behalf because a lot of them are earning well in their respective places of work.

Netizens react 

@Jermeeel: “Lack of contentment, I must belong, I must achieve this/that, 0% chastity, copy cats and it goes on… not just in Abuja, it’s happening everywhere.”

@Ummee: “They’ll tell you it just for fun while they have forgotten d punishment that follows after such. I doubt if they have knowledge on that. May Allah make it easy for us.”

@Slimiyke: “Money be-cloud their senses of reasoning, also the level of hardship indeed biting.”

@DebbyAgba: “Greed, lack of self respect n fear of God.”

@Kels_eso: “Most ppl can’t be satisfied, it’s just in their nature.”