Friends, family members and colleagues are mourning Davidson Rotshak Lar, a cleric and Superintendent of Police in the Nigeria Police Force from Plateau State, who passed away on Thursday, January 19, 2023.


Details of his death are sketchy, however, it was gathered that he had been sick and was set to undergo surgery.


One peace Longdet said that his last words to her were; “Madam Peace, I want to sleep in a different environment. Let me go. You people should let me sleep.” 


A year before his death, precisely on January 12, 2022, he had taken to Facebook to write about what will happen after his death. 


“One day, I will die and never come back. My loved ones will cry for a while. Then move on. My friends will post my pictures and write touching messages and even cry. Then they’d move on too,” he wrote. 


“Some will pretend and tell people how they really love me. All would be lies, because they do not like me for my stance in issues.


“My family will cry, but still move on too. My Facebook friends will miss me and my account will be dry my inbox will be full of unread messages. In a short while, everyone will forget me & move on with their lives.


“The world will keep spinning without me. Because my chapter will be closed forever. So you see everything is Vanity upon vanity. There is nothing in this world


“So therefore, that money you always wanted to give me, inbox me for my account number so that you give me before I die.


“If you have a suit or car or a shoe for me, please give me now oo. Do not wait till I am dead and gone. Davidson Rotshak La JP. I don talk my own.” 


Meanwhile, tributes have been pouring for the deceased.