My problem isn’t even leaving the house, my problem is the shameless manipulation to come back when the man is not coming for them and they realize how useless is their lives without that marriage, they now begin plotting on who will compel the man to come and beg them to come back in order to cover their shame. Most of these fools that jump out of the marriage are these idiots that never contributed anything to the marriage, they’ll be telling you I wish I have, their only contribution to that union is nothing but sex. They thought that by going back they will disgrace the man or hold him to a ransom but immediately the man refused to go after them, you now see the idiots running from pillar to post, calling his friends or anyone that will influence him to come and carry them and their family liabilities. When you’re lazy and can offer only sex, remain humble to the man that kept you in the house as most men don’t take good for nothing liabilities in the name of wives these days. If it’s sex, okpo, olosho and ogberaga full street everywhere, you can get any shape, size and style with 3k.

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