YouTuber beaten by his baby mama

A Kenyan YouTuber identified as 2Mbili has cried out on social media after allegedly being beaten by his baby mama. 


2Mbili recorded a video of himself all bloody in the face and this has led to discussions about violence against men.


According to Kenya-based Nigerian Kiss FM presenter Obinna, the YouTuber has been enduring domestic violence for a long time.


He wrote; 


Baby Mama Drama – 2mbili ASSAULTED by Baby Mama AGAIN. This has been happening for a while now. From Kupigwa,kudungwa na kisu,kuchomwa na maji moto,kufungiwa inje, watoto kupigwa just to hurt the dad to many more (2mbili has all the evidence ) but He chose to stay for the kids and keep quiet.

I’ve decided to speak before it’s too late also maybe One day he may have the courage to talk about it but for now just know that boychild needs all the help and love he can get to stay strong for the kids. Nobody is there for boychild!! We have gone even to the police station plus GBV offices and NOTHING WAS DONE. Boychild you are on your own.!!


Obinna further revealed that 2Mbili had been reluctant to go public about being assaulted until now.


The media personality added; 


“Clearly the guy has been in an abusive relationship for a while now with his baby mama. Have tried to get him to talk about it on Toxic Girlfriends or on Baby Mama Drama, he didn’t want to.

“Have gone to the hospital a couple of times to get him out of there after he has been physically assaulted a couple of times. We’ve gone to look for the kids a couple of places when she decides to bail with the kids and the kids miss school for about a term plus. Have housed the kids here for a while when they were sick and we’ve taken them to hospital, they’ve recovered then the whole thing happens again.

“The lady has tried to kill the guy a couple of times, the most latest one was last night. And it keeps happening until gives, and if something happens it’s gonna be Obinna didn’t do this, Obinna didn’t do that.”


Obinna also lamented that violence against men is not treated with the seriousness it deserves unlike when the victims are women.


He wrote; 


Is there EQUALITY when it comes to GBV??? Or it only APPLIES when a WOMAN is ABUSED? SAY NO TO GBV against MEN AS WELL. Nobody has a right to LAY A HAND ON ANYBODY!! #Justicefor2mbili.


YouTuber beaten by his baby mama