Ex-Arsenal star, Sead Kolasinac?s home in France is burgled with his partner and daughter?inside

Marseilles defender, Sead Kolasinac’s house was reportedly burgled last Friday while he played in a French Cup tie. 


According to 20 Minutes, the defender’s family members were said to be in the house at the time of the robbery, and his daughter was ‘traumatised’ by the incident, as she and Kolasinac’s partner are believed to have been physically injured.


They also report that Kolasinac is now keen to up his family’s security, while it is currently unknown how much was stolen.


The robbery occurred three years after he fought off two moped thugs who tried to mug him and his team-mate Mesut Ozil in North London.


CCTV footage from the scene showed Kolasinac swinging punches at the attackers and standing his ground against them despite being threatened with a knife. 


The weapon appears to strike the footballer’s arm twice. But Kolasinac nicknamed ‘The Tank,’ chased off the two blade-wielding muggers.