A primary school pupil has been commended for being studious even during breaks.

A video of the pupil studying during one of such breaks was taken and shared by her teacher who said she was impressed by the little girl.

The girl whose name was not given was seen reading a textbook in an empty class.

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The teacher in the caption wrote; “This one girl in my class that stays back in class during break to study”.

Netizens have reacted with mixed thoughts about the video. Amongst the comments made is that of a content creator, Mariam Oyakhilome, who volunteered to pay the girl’s school fees if she’s in Nigeria.

“Is this in Nigeria? If yes i want to pay her school fees,” she said.

Other comments include;

@joyallure_ commented:
“Do you know if she has money for food or snacks or she lives with such a terrible guardian that she forgot how to be a kid”

@_hey_kev asked:
“Have you asked her if she has lunch?”

@_reverend_father said:
“She Dey do over sabi… which child no wan play??”

@big_omon011 reacted:
“All of us wey do oversabi like this that time. We never get job till now. My sister go aside go play”

@felicia_nicholas_amos joked:
“Na her type dey get first class, not my type wey dey play too much”

@samuelmath50 recounted:
“In my primary school days I don’t go out maybe once in a week but I get money for anything instead I sent my guys to help me buy whatever they buying so stop assuming, the poster would have ask her”

@iniilulu wrote:
“I’m sure she does not have lunch so instead of videoing her why not ask her what she will like for lunch or what she will like to eat.”

@gagayok11 said:
“Ask am one question from that book you go hear I have forgotten, is not like I don’t no it”

Chinese kids seen learning Igbo language in viral video

Meanwhile, a group of Chinese kids has sparked conversations among Nigerians online after a video of them learning the Igbo language surfaced online.

The kids were captured in uniform and orderly seated in a classroom as they chorused basic Igbo words echoed by the teacher.

The teacher presumably a Nigerian taught the pupils the language with a recitation style which could aid retention.

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His voice could be reciting Igbo words with an English translation. Words included in his nursery rhyme like recitation include; Igbo ad English words for today, water, fire, tomorrow, and a few others.