A young man and his sister have been banished from their community in Lude, Mbaise, Imo state, for allegedly committing incest.

A video shared online shows community members leading the disgraced siblings out of the community with what little properties they owned.

According to the narration from the video, “The young man took his sister as a wife.”

They were asked to go wherever they want to but must not return to Lude under any circumstance.

“Any of them we see in Lude again will have themselves to blame, irrespective of what they came for,” the voice said.

Watch the video below ;

Here are some reactions that trailed the news ;

Eke wrote – Lol, they did this thing to one guy for my side, Oga go enter soldier come back in a big way, the villagers wey suppose pursue him come dey celebrate him 😂

Daisy wrote – Why banish them with mouka foam kwa. For them to continue? Anyway, Justice for MOUKA FOAM 🙄🙄🙄

Cynthia wrote – Wah happen to other girls in the community? Why did you choose your sister?💔