Following an outstanding academic record of CGPA of 5.0, a student, Kaitlin Gee-Akwada, was rewarded as the Vice-Chancellor (VC) for one day at Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu.

The school in a statement announced that she was received by the staff of the VC’s office and the GOU Foreign Liaison Officer, Meggy Kantert.

As the Vice-Chancellor for one day, Akwada addressed the students and staff of the university during the midday prayer.

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She also got the rare privilege of holding a Senate meeting where she addressed members of the University Senate.

Sharing the news via LinkedIn in 2021, Akwada attributed her success to hard work merged with faith.

Akwada in her post said, “This is not only an answered prayer, but proof that the power to attract what you desire lies in your hands. “About a year ago, I wrote a speech in commemoration of this auspicious occasion, before I even hit a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 5.0. I put my faith to work and took action.

“Even the Bible buttresses the importance of backing up your faith with work [ James 2:26].” As Vice Chancellor 24 hours, she also played host to her mother and grandmother.”

Labourers celebrate colleague who passed exam

Meanwhile, a TikTok video revealed a group of labourers celebrating with their colleague who had just passed his examination.

The young man, who is a Form 4 student, was at the construction site working when the news got to him that he had passed his examination.

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The was a lot of singing and dancing that ensued immediately after the news got to the boy. His fellow labourers at the construction site joined him to celebrate the good news.

In the shortest time possible, the labourers organised themselves as they began to sing and dance around the area.

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As part of the celebration, the labourers could be seen lifting up the Form 4 students, carrying him shoulder high as they danced around him.