There have been funny reactions to a trending TikTok video where a schoolgirl is seen threatening a classmate over an event that took place in class.

The young girl complained to their teacher that her classmate took her eraser without permission, but the classmate in question denied the allegations.

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The comically furious girl would not allow her classmate to defend himself, insisting on his wrongdoing. At a point, she threatened that she would report the issue to her mother when she got home.

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The little girl’s tenacity and boldness struck a cord in the people that saw the clip, many both applauding her willfulness and also finding humour in the situation. The video also served as a catalyst for other people to share their own childhood experiences where anger was involved, and some also noted the girl’s confidence and how it was one of the makings of a good lawyer.

@joycejuly7 This girl’s Confidence and fluency has murdered Bernard#letshelpbernard🤣#fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – 🍭JoyceJuly💜

@niitimoo: “this is 3 against 1.. the Girl + Teacher + English against Bernard”

@capa7380: “Bernard knows how to speak English just that the little girl’s mouth is like a sound speaker.”

@nkunim_ba: “This little girl can win my court case for me.”

@wailer_419: “Bernard English traveled at that moment.”

@lindafudel: “Bernard needs a lawyer.”

@awonliejayne: “Future lawyer.”

@janetansahnaansie: “I think the family speak English in the house, wow.”