Top Nigerian music producer, Solomon Oyeniyi, popularly known as K-Solo who has been in the industry for almost two decades and produced award-winning songs has opened up on the kind of girls his friends are addicted to.

K-Solo revealed this while reacting to a comment made by Social media Influencer Caramel Plugg who claimed men likes stubborn girls more and would do anything to be in relationship with one.

On his part, K-Solo noted his preference is different but his friends fall on the category of men who would do anything to have stubborn girls as their partners.

He wrote: “She’s right. A lot of guys I know like girls cursed with spiritual stubbornness. The guy no dey get rest of mind and e go nearly pass out, but e still dey there. Me, I dey find such girl sha but na to use am for CBN ritual remain.”

In an earlier interview, K-Solo revealed reasons behind his quietness of late after years of producing A-list artistes and developing young talents.

He said: “It doesn’t seem like I went quiet. First of all, I was building a family so I needed time to actually give attention to my children. They were in the period where they needed a father and attention. So, I tried to give them attention for that period, not because I didn’t have any other thing I was doing. I was doing other businesses but I went low because I have taken a lot of my time to work with the A-list artists and to build young artists as well. In the long run, I have found out that we are in the kind of country where people do not respect contract, trust, transparency, dedication and the efforts one puts into their career. I had to pause over it. Like I always say to people, if you have a warehouse where you bring out products from all the time and you don’t stock it back, you are automatically emptying that warehouse.

It’s more of music business right now than just doing music for the love of or the fun of it. I did a lot of work in the past for love and fun which hit back at me. I worked with a couple of artistes that went away and never came back to show gratitude. Some did like they never knew you. Some you also fed them and they never came back. It is just like a reinvention of me, understanding my sound very well and not giving it out cheap the way I used to.”