Indian movies have always had a home in the hearts of Nigerian movie buffs. Nigerians have grown to love classic Indian movies like “Krish”(2006), 3 Idiots (2009), and Ghajini (2005). Our love for these intriguing flicks has virtually created a whole new movie “sub-genre” known as the India Hausa movies. It has become so popular, especially in the northern region of the country.

So, why have India Hausa movies suddenly pricked the interest of Nigerians and spurred them to constantly watch this unorthodox ‘genre’ of film, which is gaining prominence in the country?

What are India Hausa movies?

India Hausa movies are essentially Hindi films that have been digitally converted by voice actors into the Hausa language for the benefit of their vast fan bases. These films are then released via online streaming and downloading platforms, or physically in the form of CDs, by local media distribution merchants.

The viewership of this unofficial genre of movie is more in vogue in the northern part of Nigeria. It is so desired and in demand by a large chunk of the population, to the extent that there are actual viewing centres where these movies are shown in the region for a fee.  

In the southwestern areas of Nigeria, particularly Lagos, it is quite typical to see a good number of Hausa-Fulani indigenes, especially commercial motorcycle riders and petty traders, assemble every evening in their abodes of residence or leisure spots where they eat and share snacks, beverages and other meals. In this setting, there is typically a television set somewhere in the crowd, mainly for their entertainment. Part of the content shown on the TV set is an India Hausa movie

How to watch India Hausa movies

There are simple ways to get access to several India Hausa movies.

One of the simplest ways is through YouTube. There are YouTube channels that are solely dedicated to India Hausa movies; they post the most recent releases in high-definition versions, with quality voiceovers.

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Several YouTube channels that feature Indian Hausa movies are:

  2. Salama Hausa TV
  5. Kurami Multimedia
  6. Abubakar Sani Dan Hausa 
  7. Sumayya Novels tv

To find these movies on YouTube, the movie enthusiast must download the YouTube app for their device of choice or go to on their browser. After that, click on the search icon and enter the name of the movie you want to watch. A range of results will display, and you can then select your desired one.

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Also, you can follow the channels where these videos are uploaded by searching for their names in the search icon or by looking underneath the videos to see the channel that posted the clip to YouTube. By following these channels, you get updates on the latest India Hausa movies, ranging from action, and romance to adventure. 

India hausa movies on YouTube

Another easy option to see India Hausa movies is to go to various internet movie websites that regularly upload translated Indian movies. Certain prominent websites may appear to upload India Hausa movies, although this happens rarely. However, some websites do so regularly. A simple Google search can lead you to a variety of websites where you may watch captivating India Hausa movies.

India Hausa movie streaming platform

There have been provisions made for better viewing of these movies, from the comfort of your mobile phones, where movie buffs can enjoy viewing anywhere at any time, whether on a  bus while coming back from work or just in the comfort of your bed relaxing. There are downloadable applications and websites which give you room for easy access to an unlimited number of India Hausa movies.

There is an India Hausa movie application (APK) available for download online. Although there are not many of these yet aside from YouTube, however, after thorough research, Skabash! got its hands on a very efficient India Hausa movie streaming platform.

Kallo.Ng platform is a Hausa language movie streaming platform, the very first of its kind in Nigeria. It introduced India Hausa dubbed films on its service in October 2022. Founder of, Maijidda Moddibo, had announced that the streaming of India Hausa movies on will go live from October 14, 2022. 

They are lovers of entertainment and are addicted to Indian movies across all demographics and that makes Hausa people one of the largest viewers of Hausa movies. The viewing demand was pressing, so is providing a variety of entertaining series just with a press from your phone,” she said.

The platform began by posting Kannywood movies (Hausa movies), it then took it a notch further by including India Hausa movies in its catalogue. is a Nigerian Hausa-language subscription streaming service based in Kano State, and the platform is owned by Spacekraft Media Limited, which was founded in November 2021.

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