When one is the child of a prominent person in society, it almost feels to be swimming in luxury as virtually everything is provided. However, whenever the child, especially the offspring of a popular cleric, reportedly misuses the privilege attached to his or her parents’ status, he or she begins to feel that they are bearing the responsibility of the entire world, as in the case of Jermaine Jakes.

So, who is Jermaine Jakes, whose rise to prominence was not just because of his closeness to his father, who has developed a strong reputation as one of the most active preachers in today’s world, but partly due to a 2009 legal scandal that has refused to fade away?

Who is Jermaine Jakes?

Jermaine Jakes was born on January 4, 1980, in the United States of America. He is the second-born child of a prominent American cleric, Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes, popularly known as TD Jakes, and Serita Jakes. He has four siblings namely Jamar Jakes, Cora Jakes Coleman, Thomas Jakes, Jr., and Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Jakes grew up in Dallas, Texas, and attended elementary school before continuing his education at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center High School from 1996 to 1999.

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Jermaine Jakes posing by a luxury car
Jermaine Jakes

Despite toeing an entirely different route from his father, Jermaine Jakes, nonetheless, finds himself employed by his father’s ministry.

He holds two positions: Lead Stage Manager since April 2015, and Data Entry Analyst at T.D. Jakes Ministries (The Porters House) in Dallas, Texas, which he assumed responsibility for in January 2018.


Jermaine Jakes had a legal run-in in 2009 when the Dallas Police Department detained and fined him for improper exposure. On the evening of January 3, 2009, he allegedly exposed himself at Keist Park and performed indecent actions in front of two individuals, who turned out to be undercover detectors. He was eventually released after posting bail. 

This incident almost dented the good reputation of his family at that time. However, after the turbulent years of 2009. His father, Bishop T.D. Jakes, made a public statement in which he admitted his son’s indiscretion. He, however, insisted that he cannot disown his son for his action but, instead, guide him on the right part. The statement partly read:

As parents, we occasionally feel that our children do not live up to our highest and best ideals. When they do not, we don’t diminish our love for them as recompense for our disapproval. Like our children, we also are not infallible nor do we profess to be. It is in moments like these that I am so grateful that we do not preach that we are the solution.

Jermaine Jakes net worth

Jermaine Jakes presently works at the T.D. Jakes Ministries, where he earns a respectable salary. Official confirmation of his net worth has not been made available, although sources estimated that he was worth about $1.5 million, as of 2021.

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Jermaine Jakes age

Jermaine Jakes was born on January 4, 1980. He is presently 43 years old, and Capricorn is his astrological sign.


Jermaine Jakes leaning on a wall in a fine suit

Jermaine Jakes is currently active on Instagram with about 1,100 followers. He frequently shares selfies, motivational images, and occasional photos of family members and friends. His Instagram handle is @Jermairj1980.

He is also available on Twitter, with over 5,000 followers, and has been on the platform since 2010.

Jermaine Jakes’ biological father

Bishop T.D. Jakes is the biological father of Jermaine Jakes. T.D. Jakes is the presiding bishop of The Potter’s House and he is also an author and filmmaker. 

He began his ministry as a pastor in 1982 at the age of 25. After preaching in several churches, T.D. Jakes established The Potter’s House in Dallas in 1996. The Potter’s House features a 5,000-seat auditorium, as well as offices for employees and staff.

The cleric is a popular televangelist who has hosted weekly radio and television shows syndicated across various media networks in the US since 1995.

Where is Jermaine Jakes now?

Based on his Instagram page, Jermaine Jakes seems to be living a quiet and happy life. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where he works as a data entry specialist. His Instagram page shows pictures of him in fun locations like Las Vegas, which implies that he enjoys travelling and having fun.

He is currently single and there is no public information about his past relationships.

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