Media personality Tolu Oniru has narrowly escaped being embarrassed at a public dinner after her Bank failed to let her financial transactions go through.

It is no longer News that for weeks now, Nigerians have been cash stranded and had to resort to alternative means of cash withdrawal following the scarcity of naira notes in the banks. As a matter of fact, sometimes banking apps also fail when customers try to make mobile transactions.

Sharing her experience on her Instagram story hours ago, Toolz wrote “These banks can disgrace you ehn, so I’m trying to pay for dinner, first POS declines then 2nd….people are looking. I legit want to stand on the chair and say, I swear I have the money guys, it’s just this bank doesn’t want me to be great”

Femi Adebayo recounts his strenuous experience getting the new Naira notes

Kemi Filani recalls that a few days ago, Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo Salami, just like the average Nigerian, also shared his situation of going through a lot with the lack of cash flow in the country.

Taking to his Instagram page, the actor lamented over how difficult it was for him to get the new Naira notes, which he described as Gold. He also lamented over how getting foodstuffs has become difficult because of lack of POS and non-refusal from petty traders to accept transfer.

To summarize it all, he went through hell, however, he is really to share it with his fans during this hard time.

“Tell me your location. I know you need this right now and I am ready to share.

Nigeria currency is how Gold. Before I saw it, I went through Hell. I wanted to buy little things. I couldn’t plantain, ewedu, pineapple. No POS/they don’t collect transfer.

Ofcourse, we are in support of a cashless society, but at least make it available. So, I am ready to share as long as your location isn’t far”.

Femi Adebayo isn’t the only actor, who has voiced out over the new note