Nollywood actor, John Okafor, also known as Mr Ibu, claimed that Jasmine Okafor is his adopted daughter with whom he is not romantically involved, this is following his wife, Stella’s allegations of his romantic involvement with Jasmine.

In an Instagram live session he had on Friday night with Daddy Freeze, he and his second son, Daniel affirmed this.

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It should be recalled that Mr Ibu’s wife told a popular blogger, Gistlover, on February 3, 2023, that Jasmine is romantically involved with her husband and has taken over his Instagram account in an attempt to dupe him because he (her husband) suffers from dementia and can’t remember things. She went further to state that her children have not been able to continue their studies because Jasmine has been receiving all of her husband’s earnings and that she (his wife) must go through Jasmine before receiving money from her husband.

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However, Mr Ibu debunked the claim, stating that Stella is his second wife and he claimed she knew of the parental relationship he had with Jasmine, even prior to their marriage. He affirmed that he has been taking care of his wife and children and that he has even bought Stella cars, which she has sold without giving him a dime.

His second son, Daniel, supported his father’s claim during the live session noting that “She is a hundred per cent his daughter, not biologically, but adopted right from childhood.”

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Daniel also stated that Jasmine cared for their father, Mr Ibu, when Stella refused to stay with him in the hospital and even paid the sum of N500,000 to retrieve and verify his father’s Instagram account

He said, “She (Jasmine) was in Cyprus then. When she heard the news, she came to Abuja to take care of my dad, paying the bills while he was in the hospital. Before my daddy’s Instagram account was hacked, she was the one that paid N500k to get it. The account was not verified then and she was the one that got the account verified. I can remember when he was in the hospital and doctor asked her (Stella) ‘Is your husband taking the drugs?’ She said she doesn’t know. She left the man alone and went to a party.”

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