Human disasters are when you have one individual destroying the future of hundreds of millions - Peter Obi

As some Nigerians clamour for the cancellation of the 2023 presidential elections and accuse INEC of allowing electoral malpractice, Datti Baba-AHmed who is the running mate of the Labour party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has said that a human disaster is anyone who works towards destroying the future of millions.


Speaking  to newsmen this afternoon, Datti stated that it took one individual to bring Somalia, Libya and Iraq to a sorry state.

‘’A small group of people are sitting somewhere and dictating the fate of this country. You will not have IRev it will not work, We will give you the results to go the collation centers. When the collation center chairman is ready to review, we will give him the IRev figures which we have tallied with the fake results given.

Only early this month, there was natural disaster. There was earthquake in Turkey. The President has sworn to rebuild it. Lats year there was Earthquake in South Africa, they are rebuilding. These are natural disasters. Human disasters are when you have one individual destroying the futrue of hundreds of millions. They are worse than Tornadoes. They are worse than Earthquake. 60, 000 people died in Turkey. Remember 800, 000 people were killed in Rwanda.

One individual brought Somalia to its knees. One individual brought Iraq and ancient civilisation to its knees. One individual brought Libya to a sorry state. We have individuals who have amassed wealth and think they can inthe eagle square think they can disgrace citizen number 1, citizen number 2, citizen number 3 because they have millions of dollars to spend on state governors”


Watch a video of him speaking below…