In psychiatry there is a mental disorder we call : cognitive dissonance.
Cognitive Dissonance is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.
The worst kind of people to fear are folks with Zero character whose thoughts, behaviors and actions are driven by self interest.
They have zero integrity and swing through life and decisions only when there are benefits.
Dear Chioma Chukwu if you want to address me based on my post about your drama , please do so directly. Do Not Deviate from that. 75 percent of your friendship was based on what you could get from me and my husband. You know you married a deadbeat that could not feed you or fend for you.
Please in the name of God don’t toe that line. Chioma you remain a “Poor” little girl dangling around for your stomach infrastructure.
And if you want us to go down memory lane of your charlatan and unscrupulous antics. I will be more than glad to tore that lane.
Once again tell Nigerians how you disparaged those being killed four years ago and how you made mockery of their pain and deaths. And how your morality failed your self as a Christian that all you could think and talk about four years ago was money and branding.
You will not have the last Word on this hence the world will know what an incorrigible grifter you are who only cares are align with people or issues if there are benefits attached to it.
You are morally corrupt and bankrupt.
Forget the show up put on and up on social media, we way know you reach house know what a ratchet girl you are.
This movie will be tales by moonlight…
So we used the same wedding clothes bought at the same place and wedding cards printed at the same place means I replicated you 😁. See a hungry girl like you that have to beg for money around the organize a wedding 😁😁.
Girl I warn you..
Address the election issue at hand , you don’t want the world to know the kind of supercilious person you are.
Address election issues..
By the way Girl.
Rephrase your innuendos.

You will Not have the last word on this.