A Ugandan actress identified as Shamim Mayanja has revealed that her husband provides for all of her needs without any aid from her.

She said that she has a book to keep records of all the money her husband owes her.

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The woman further stated that only on rare times does her husband ask her for assistance, and when he does, he makes a point of telling her to write it down so that when he is financially stable, he pays her back.

In her words,

“My main source of income is my marriage. My husband rarely asks me to pay bills, and even when I do, he asks me to note the amount so that he can pay it back. In fact, I have a book where I keep track of the money he owes me.”

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Her statement elicited mixed reactions online. While some people thought that she was among the few who have responsible men, others thought this will only promote laziness amongst the young people who want the same treatment from their spouses who are still financially unstable.

See the post below:

@Christine Nyangoma Amootie: “Why am I feeling that my husband isn’t responsible after reading the above statement, where are such husbands found 😀?”

@Aziz Mullah: “So responsibility is letting a man foot all bills…. what is the woman working for? How do you say a man is your main source of income yet you work too??? Such selfish women expect a man to build both their home and another one for the woman’s relatives. I cannot surround myself with such madness”

@Akora Robert: “Because something have been said by a shallow woman on the national TV and someone posted it on Facebook, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Take it sensible at your own risk. Do people really understand the meaning of marriage? Or others think marriage is what they see happening in other people’s marriage?”

@Tna Woods: “Hehe. Am not inspired. Thank you. I love my CV Tna Woods Hehe. Am not inspired. Thank you. I love my CVOh remember, these days most women (not all) take marriage as a source of income and there are even those who take it as refuge”

@Bahati Pascaline Rich: “That man is a Musoga🥰”

@Natugonza Christine: “This statement will bring confusion to many gals here era some marriages won’t survive .”