One must support younger ones to remain relevant — Seyi Law

A comedian and actor, Seyi Law, has said that for an entertainer to remain relevant, they must support the younger generations that come after them.

He told Sunday Scoop, “To stay relevant, one must be ready to support those who are coming after one. Also, one must not be shy of learning from anybody.”

Speaking about some of the lessons he had learnt in the course of his career, he said, “One of the things I have learnt is the fact that many Nigerians think that one’s hard work does not count in one becoming successful. They think they are the ones that made one. But, I have since discovered the falsehood in that. For those who genuinely support me, I am forever grateful and I don’t take the support for granted.

“I have also learnt that one of the greatest challenges of an entertainer is attaining stardom. One will succeed if one becomes well known and maximises the opportunities that are available to one.”

The comedian also insisted that skit makers had not displaced stand-up comedians. He said, “If skit makers have taken over the industry, why are they still doing their own comedy shows? The place of stand-up comedy still remains where it is. Sitcoms birthed stand-up comedy, and stand-up comedy has, in turn, ‘created’ skit making. Skit making actually started with people like me, AY and Basketmouth. Many years ago, I did a skit titled, Flat Tummy Jesus, and it was well received. If you watch those skits today, you will still have a good laugh. I have also written skits for some of the popular skit makers out there now. I have acted in skits with some of them as well.”

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