A businesswoman has recounted how her husband watched her put her life in danger to give birth in a dilapidated hospital when he could afford to pay for better health care.

The aggrieved woman, identified as @madamolu on Twitter, disclosed that she was forced to give birth in a rundown hospital due to ‘lack of funds’ unknown to her that her husband had money.

She said she was barely able to push the baby out but had to keep trying natural delivery because she thought they couldn’t afford a cesarian section (CS).

However, she received a rude shock when her husband, now ex, bought a landed property one week after she gave birth to their child.

Bewailing his selfish act, the woman wrote,

“I remember when I was giving birth struggling for my life and unable to push the baby out in a dilapidated health center cos I couldn’t afford a good Hospital & my supposedly father of the child was watching me fight for my life while he has a lot of money in his acct & bag then

And poor me was praying while on hospital bed for more strength, cos I was almost gone and I thought we couldn’t afford CS , alas baby came out with lots of tears and placenta rupture, the next week the Oga got a Landed property🫱🏾‍🫲🏼 Selfishness at its peak 🤮”

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