The entanglement between love and money has over time generated arguments as to which is more important. setting the records straight, actress, Yetunde Bakare has advised that people pursue money instead of love.

According to the mother of one, setting aside love and going after money is best because the latter is important. She also stated that being broke and heartbroken at the same time isn’t a a good thing.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote: “Sometimes, leave true love and chase money… it’s better to cry on a filled stomach than empty stomach. Don’t be broke and heart broken”.

Buttressing her point under a comment section, Bakere wrote: “Abeg chase love on empty stomach and ignore money 😂😂 take love to market and buy foodstuffs 😫 use it to pay house and sort your responsibilities”

Yetun Bakare reveals why women  shouldn’t be angry about DNA

Kemi Filani reported that Yetunde Bakare revealed why women shouldn’t be grossed when their partner demand for DNA.

Giving reasons, she stated that with the increasing rate of dishonesty and paternity fraud, it has become pertinent that one conducts DNA. She urged men to conduct DNA. Taking to her Instagram page, Yetunde advised them to save money for DNA or borrow money to conduct one.

“Dear MEN…. In everything you do, please do DNA. No matter how broke you are… Please save money for DNA or borrow money? As a woman you shouldn’t find it offensive when your Man ask for DNA at birth… With the level of dishonesty/paternity fraud we see on a daily”.