Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare has sent a strong message to trolls who hide behind their keyboards to bully people.

Sharing a post on her Instagram page, Bakare prayed for trolls that through the help of their creator, they won’t place a burden that isn’t theirs on their heads

She wrote: ” In the cause of catching cruise, and seeking attention. May you not carry cross/ calamity that you’ll continue to nurse for the rest of your life”

Bakare who uses her social media account to spill facts about daily issues that need to be addressed went on to question the audacity of trolls and their motives in seeing people fall into depression with their lack of empathy.

Asking why there is so much hate in the world, Bakare poised if its lack of proper upbringing, boring life or a the bad government that makes trolls wish people bad luck. While noting that trolls can so better, she asked that they unfollow whomever they are not comfortable with rather than bully them.

She wrote: “What exactly do you stand to gain if your words/actions make someone go into Depression or commit su*cide ??? Why is there so much hate in the heart of some people…. Is it a bad upbringing or a boring life ??? Is it the bad government that should be held responsible for you wishing someone else de*th/bad luck ???

“I believe we can do better…. If you don’t like people’s lifestyle or attitude just use the UNFOLLOW BUTTON because you don’t know what people are going through and just a word can trigger them to do the unthinkable! Don’t have blood on your hands just because you’re catching fun or following the bully trend ! Live and let’s Live ♥️💡

Yetunde Bakare advises people to chase money not love

The entanglement between love and money has, over time, generated arguments as to which is more important. Setting the records straight, Yetunde Bakare recently advised that people pursue money instead of love.

According to the mother of one, setting aside love and going after money is best because the latter is important. She also stated that being broke and heartbroken at the same time isn’t a a good thing.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote: “Sometimes, leave true love and chase money… it’s better to cry on a filled stomach than empty stomach. Don’t be broke and heart broken”.