Monica Erero Arerosueoghene (SPECIAL OROBO) has taken to her Instagram page to discuss the challenges fat people go through in Nollywood while trying to audition for roles.

The popular Nollywood actress stated clearly that she will not tolerate any of the producers/filmmakers who plan to take advantage of her size.

She said;

“When I came into the industry, I have seen fat, upcoming girls that have been bullied and talked down on, but I keep saying love yourself and be confident.”

“I don’t play with my body, being fat does not mean the producers should take advantage of me. Your body is yours, and I told them so because I’m confident that’s why I’m making it.

“I know some slim girls that I met in the industry that haven’t made it yet, so if producers can’t help those ones, is it me that is fat that they want to help?

“I always tell other fat girls to look neat and dress well so that people will appreciate you wherever you go”.

Watch the videos below.

Reactions below.

chubby__empire: “My dear please on no condition should you allow any body or any one talking you into hating yourself, they are thousand and one guys out there Who are much in love with chubby, plus size or fat ladies, so do not allow anyone provoke you over it, and i must say let’s keep our good work going, being and advocate and a role model of all chubby ladies who face body shaming every single now and then much love too baby girl”.

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meccus_egbe: “So because people are telling her dis or that , she should proceed for surgery? If she Love herself she will appreciate her body more… We have chubby, fat , Slim, nd so on, people that appreciate them they plenty… If people say my mouth is big, will i rush nd go do surgery? Noooooo. Na we no dey appreciate our body oh we like hearing dem say them say.. Rip to her.. after dis story some people again will embark nd say because people said dis or that..”

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minajay_: “I swear, na dem oo. Even us wey still get the back and front, the ones wey still Dey tell us say we still fat and gan sef dey … people eee, the thing is you can’t satisfy HUMAN, so you just have to earn this self love first before anything💯”.

heisalvine: “If you have the money you would have gone to remove all the fat bla bla bla, na u allow society pressure you, and after removing all the fat, what next?
Omo first first you have to love yourself, walai if you love yourself, e no get wetin person won talk about your body.
For the Girl (God bless Her Soul)
I think She was too young to fall for what ever she fell for, nd the parents didn’t do their homework as parents, nd thirdly the money didn’t fall from the sky…”

marvyblue: “If u have the money,u would have gone to remove all the fats in ur body because that’s there idea of a beautiful and sexy lady……..hmmmmm……Trust me,when u r done with that,those same set of trolls will come back and say “no na,the doctor nor even do m well,abeg u look better in ur former body” and then another episode of trolling starts,that one u might not even survive it sef. Let nobody pressurise u into thinking that there is a special definition of beauty,beauty comes in different sizes,shape and color and shape.”

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pandacakeworld: “Make una leave us with this falling br east and big belly and no y ansh oooo las las na d same life every body dey….. who get complete figure 8 nor mean say e get special place when e go dey abeg…..and besides if u nor like ur body the way e b make una go gym or start eating food the enhances the but t”.

minajay_: “Wetin my eyes Dey see for this industry alone unto say I thick. some go say dem no fit put person for the role of a young girl but mother, aunt wtf..just look at that, that alone fit make person thick of going under the knife but bruh self love no fit shake me oo💯”