A Nigerian man and his mother has called off his wedding, which is supposed to be in few weeks, after pranking his fiance and she failed.

The man and his mother wanted to test the lady’s loyalty, with the help of an online content creator. In the video shared on TikTok, the man identified as Olive, made a phone call to his fiance and told her he needs to see her urgently.

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He gave her an address to a location. When the lady got there. She saw the man and his mother. The man then informed her that he has lost his job and all his assets. The lady, who had no idea that it was a prank, did not take the news well, as she ranted that she can’t get married without money.

She stated that her skin is too soft to undergo suffering with him. She said she can’t continue with the wedding. While she was saying all the reasons she can’t go through with the wedding, the guy the prank was planned with, joined the conversation and told the lady it was all a prank.

When the lady discovered it was a prank, she regretted her actions and apologized in tears, all to no avail. The man’s mother said her son cannot marry her. The man himself informed the lady that it is over between them.

Watch the video below:


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See reactions:

@solomonwilliams710 said: “Nice prank. Most Nigerian girls will fail this.”

@SocuteTaofeek wrote: “She doesn’t deserve the guy at all for his mother to come with him.”

@user1605976992332 said: “The fresh skin is it for me.”

@rukkyrose commented: “Friends don destroy ya life.”

@AyamwaogIddrisu said: “She is thinking about what her friends will say.”

@godfrey0000 wrote: “I love seeing mama smiling.”

@ChiefMba commented: “Like this am just scared, is there true love at all?”

@mysarahrajab said: “Am happy for Olive He will get a good gal.”

@dino eva commented: “Make ur friends maintain ur skin for u.”

@st_keisha XX wrote: “After you will ask God why you’re not married yet.”

@KAIVic commented: “And were is the skin.”

@Kelvin Ricch wrote: “Omo I come to realize that love is there but it’s just because of the money no girl really love you without money.”

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@Augustinayohanna wrotereacted: “Camera man ejor no vex zoom d skin biko.”

@gennybunn22 said: “Which skin dey fresh?”

@Kellio commented: “Omo God please send me a wife.”

@VioletGowon wrote: “You dey play prank few weeks to your wedding… dey play.”