A Nigerian man has disclosed how he wound up spending more than N7 million on a home that he had originally estimated would cost N2.8 million.

He claims that after learning the house rent would cost N2.8 million, he eagerly deposited the amount and got to work furnishing the flat.

However, after doing more research, he discovered that he had an additional N2.1 million power charge.

Instead of the initial N2.8 million, the final sum he was required to pay for the house was N7.3 million.

He tweeted;

“Saw a rent of N2.8m, and I rushed to pay. Only to find out later that the service charge for the year without electricity expenses is N2.1m. Lagos real estate companies 1 VS Harri 0.
Light consumption is N305/KW.
As a remote worker who will be mostly at home and has a chandelier 86 inches TV, and other high-consuming electrical appliances, my electricity bill will amount to about N300k/month, N200k if I invest in an inverter.
From thinking I’ll pay N2.8m rent in Lekki to paying N7.3m is wild. Can’t even ask for a refund because I have started furnishing and doing other things. Furnishing will take another N10m. I was wondering why they had a handful of celebrity tenants here. E don clear now.”