A Nigerian lady has taken to TikTok to blame herself for her husband’s infidelity after secretly visiting the lady her husband had been chatting with – her ‘replacement.’

According to her, she went through the chat between the lady and her husband and decided to make inquiries about the woman at her place of work.

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The wife, with the TikTok, handle @geeneeposh, said she was stunned to see her replacement. She claimed the woman was not only beautiful but dressed beautifully and had curves. She further stated that the woman also spoke fluent English, and at that point, she said she made up her mind not to fight her husband over the lady and instead put the blame on herself.

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She judged herself before her TikTok viewers, stating that she has not made her hair since January and was always in a wrapper in the house. She thought her husband did not mind since he never complained once. She promised her TikTok fans to change and urged women to learn from her errors.

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@exceltcik3: “She only fine with your husband money. Let him spend the money on you, you will fine pass her”

@officialsexyj: “I respect your sincerity and remorse towards your investigation as a CIA”

@benedictakadiri: “You are beautiful”

@hannydebs: “My dear you are not the problem, I can’t type what I want to say ooo tiktok should allow audio comments”

@christianalorbu: “Go dey the office make she come home”

@jamobabe_: “He should have told you what he like, then if you ignore dem, den u can blame yourself. the Borden of cleaning after him is what made you loss yourself”

@charlesroyal62: “when we tell ladies your Hair play a vital roll in your life. Your Hair gives you excellent look b4 someone gets to k now you”

@ada_onak79: “make she marry am after some years her hair go worse pass your own”

@graceadaokebe: “lmao, I am guilty of the hair part”

@asogbafunmilayoif: “my dear, u are not the problem…even with your wrapper n three months hair, beauty is written all over you”