Nigerian rapper, Terry G has issued a stern warning to those comparing him with his junior colleague, Portable.

Since rising into fame, Portable has become synonymous with controversies. The singer keeps being in the news for the wrong reasons and keeps getting into trouble.

A Twitter user had angered Terry G after he ordered those who had compared Portable’s behavior to that of Terry G to apologize to the rapper.

“Those of you that compared Terry G’s madness to Portable should apologize right now!!!”.

Reacting m, Terry G cautioned his fans never to compare him with Portable.

He stated that one should never compare the original to photocopy.

“In this craze business please never you compare original to photocopy because una mind go dey soon” G”, he wrote.

Portable cries out in fear as police officers storm his bar to arrest him

This is coming after Portable had cried out in fear after some Nigerian police officers stormed his bar to arrest him.

The father of four took to his Instagram live to capture the embarrassing moment the police officers walked into the office.

In the video, Portable could be seen screaming out as he questioned the reason and purpose for the sudden arrest.

The controversial singer used his celebrity status and the fact that he had worked for APC as a bait for his arrest.

He could be heard screaming, “I am a celebrity and I work for APC, you don’t have any right to walk into my office and tell me that I am under arrest”.

The singer had claimed in the video that a Yahoo boy had ordered his arrest, though he didn’t disclose why.