Labour Party

National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Julius Abure has said that none of the party’s newly elected National Assembly members will defect. 


Abure said this after a meeting with National Assembly-Elect members of the party on Tuesday, March 28. He noted that the party would make a difference to deepen the nation’s democracy, adding that they all have integrity. 


He also revealed that they won eight Senate seats and 34 seats in the House of Representatives. Abure said; 


“We must put on record here that all those who were elected on the platform of the party, either to the House of Reps or the Senate are well-responsible and dedicated to the party.

“They are men and women of integrity and high repute and I am sure they are aware of the basis on why they were elected.

“Even if there are infiltrations, our members have the capacity to resist such infiltrations.”