Media personality, Tolu Oniru, aka Toolz, has reacted to a tweet from Faith Oyedepo who claimed she miraculously survived a miscarriage because of her husband’s words and faith in God.

Faith, wife of David Oyedepo, a well-known Pastor, had on Monday narrated how she saved the pregnancy of her first son from a possible miscarriage by tapping into a belief system projected by her husband.

She revealed in her post how her husband firmly rebuked a miscarriage when she told him of some bleeding during the pregnancy years ago.

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She testified that his statement “activated the spirit of faith and the pregnancy was sustained.”

However, in a response to Faith Oyedepo’s tweet, Toolz advised women not to emulate the wife of the clergyman.

Toolz counselled pregnant women who experienced any bleeding to visit the hospital instead.

Quoting Faith’s tweet, she said, “Pls don’t do this. If you’re bleeding from a possible miscarriage…go to hospital. Last thing you should be doing is making food for anyone.”

She followed that comment up with another post in which she expressed anger at the impression that women should “ignore bleeding during pregnancy”

Citing the menace of maternal mortality rate in the country, Toolz noted that it is wrong that women are told to have faith rather than visit the hospital.

In her tweet, she said;

“I’m so annoyed! Nigeria has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world, and someone is here saying ignore bleeding during pregnancy and enter kitchen.”