Ace Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha, professionally known as Basketmouth, has announced his intention to quit comedy in five years.

Speaking in a recent interview, Basketmouth, who has been in the comedy business for over two decades and has performed in several countries across the world, revealed his plan to step away from comedy and focus on other ventures.

He stated that while he has had a successful career in comedy, he wants to start a new journey and experience something new.

“For the past six years I have just been floating, last year I told myself and my team, you know what I am going back to comedy I want to do five years and I am quitting. I am quitting in 5 years.

I have got five years to go to do this and I am done. I will still be cracking jokes but it wouldn’t be a professional thing. So if you see me doing any gig, it is maybe I am doing pro bono but i will not charge anybody to perform again.

I have made enough, I have committed myself to the art enough to take a break or quit. I am now into movies, series, and concert production. I want to experience something new and I want to be remembered for something else other than comedy.” He said.

Watch him speak below,