Woman asks if her outfit is inappropriate to pick up her kids from school after husband criticized it (video)

A woman has revealed how she was criticized by her husband after she wore an inappropriate dress to pick their kids from school.

Anne, from US, put on a sweetheart neckline mini top showing off her curves and flat abs and matching shorts with drawstrings tied to the sides.

Asking for her viewers’ opinions, she posted a video on TikTok saying;

“Hubby says my outfit is inappropriate to pick up our kids from school in…what do you think?”

Most people seemed to agree with her husband on the outfit.

“If you got it, you can flunk it, but not for school. Honestly, it’s a bit inappropriate for that,” one said.

Another wrote: “You look great but I’m with the husband! Definitely inappropriate for school pickup, looks a bit cheap.”

“Your husband is correct…unless the school is in the Caribbean, just saying!”, Another added.

Watch the video below