Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tega has responded to a fan’s query about her marital status.

The mother of one made a splash when she got intimate with fellow housemate Boma while in the Big Brother house. This caused a wave of criticism on social media that lasted weeks.

Tega was one of the housemates on the 2021 BBNaija “Shine ya eye” season 6, and though time has passed, fans haven’t forgotten.

She recently held a question-and-answer session on her Instagram stories, responding to a multitude of questions from her followers.

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During the session, an inquisitive fan asked if she was still with her spouse.

The fan said; “First off, you are a pretty mama. Love from Kenya.” then continued, “Did you separate from hubby?”

Responding, Tega said; “Everyone is happy”.

Questions about her union with her husband, Ajeboh Dominic, came weeks after the show, as she faced the brunt of criticism from social media users.

Meanwhile, Boma claimed that 98% of married men have girlfriends. He made the claim when justifying his relationship with Tega during their time in the house.

The latest episode of the Reunion show which was aired on Thursday, June 16, shed light on the controversies surrounding the alleged romantic affair between Boma and Tega.

The alleged romance was discussed on many platforms on the internet, with many viewers calling for the head of Boma for being intimate with a married woman.

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However, Boma has come out to clear the air. In his defense, he said Tega informed him that she was already separated from her husband, and based on this information; he was only dealing with a single woman.

“In my head, I was dealing with a single woman,” Boma said.

Boma further argued that 98% of married men have girlfriends and that most young ladies nowadays are supported by married men.

In her response, Tega said all that happened was just her playing mind games to win the housemates’ favor.

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“I went into the house as a fully separated woman, and everything that happened in the house between Boma and I was just cruise.”

She said she spoke to her husband prior to the show and begged him not to interfere but remain in the background regardless of whatever transpired during the show.

She explained that she was forced to adopt a new strategy when she met one of the housemates, named JayPaul.

According to her, she feared JayPaul would ruin her well-crafted strategy. Thus, she had to admit she was still married. Interestingly, her husband was busy canvassing support for her outside the house.

Tega said she nursed the idea of committing suicide after suffering from a barrage of trolls and cyberbullying. Boma was also not spared as he got death threats for being romantically involved with a married woman on live TV.

Everyone's happy - Tega responds to fan who inquired about her marital status with her husband

According to both BBNaija’ Shine Ya Eye’ ex-housemates, they wished they had adopted a less controversial approach to escape all the insults they got in the aftermath of the show.

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