A video of a woman who reportedly specialises in making “organic creams” has gone viral on social media for using substances that many viewers termed “harmful”, and in seemingly unmeasured quantities, to make her products.

The woman, @beckista_glow on TikTok, shared a video on her page where she showed how she mixes the ingredients for her customers.

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In the video, she was seated in front of two big baths filled with various unknown substances for the mixture. She then poured in a bottle of honey, a pack of packaged Hollandia yoghurt, and a pack of powdered Dano milk, then mixed them into the ingredients.

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Despite claims that the mixture is organic, she has received backlash from Netizens who noted how harmful the ingredients she used are to the skin, and how dangerous the mixtures could be without a dermatologist or chemist gauging the quantities.

See the post below:

@beckista_glow I am super grateful to God and my adorable customers ❤️ #confidence #beckista_glow #beautyaddict #womeninbusiness #womensupportingwomen #herbal #skincareproducts #fryyyy #fpy_tiktok_viral #fryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #womensupportingwomen #fpy_tiktok #superwoman ♬ original sound – 24/7 Kingdom Business

See reactions below:

@jacinta_venita: “Can someone tag NAFDAC?”

@enascruz: “No wonder they would say “skin like milk” so na Dano milk be the ingredient”

@ikeoluwapoolubanjo: “No measurement just vibes”

@vlog_withns: “Does the soap not grow mold?? Cos Hollandia is not pure yoghurt”

@p_ugoo: “It’s the No bleaching zone for me”

@goodykc3: “Wetin u get for chemistry”

@12chizzy: “U forgot milo and chocolate or even ice cream”

@douglasakinyele: “This is scary kilode gan”

@shotbymaxmedia: “Sand dey there sef”