Chinenye Eucharia Anibueze appears to be losing her mind at the moment. Destiny Etiko’s ex-adopted daughter just disclosed via an Instagram post that her mental health is at stake. The young Nollywood actress whom the Drama Doll was trying to help with her career, also stated clearly that she is ready to say what really happened to have made them fall apart.

If you recall, Destiny Etiko had hinted that Chinenye was an ingrate before going ahead to delete all of her photos from her social media pages – a gesture which has also been returned.

Although they both initially tried to cover their feud, with both NollywoodCelebs claiming at the time that Chinenye Eucharia was studying for her exams and wanted to concentrate on her education for a while.

Anyway, the ex-adopted daughter is ready to spill the tea. She posted;

“My Mental Health is at Stake and I’m out to say what really HAPPENED!”

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There were mixed reactions trailing the post.

mimshachvic: “Don’t say anything… Just try to move on, I know it’d be hard but try to move on… You might not be able to handle what would come after to talk. You might not be matured enough to handle the things that’d come with this thing you might be planning! Love and light”.

ginger_drink: “Pls don’t bring it out to social media😢”.

vesper_francis: “please say what i subscribed for nne😍😍,,vawulence we came😂😂😂”.

gold.1870: “Don’t try it , let it slide for now. Is not yet time to speak your own side of the story nne … The cure to your mental health is been successful and use your past as your success story and testimony….

“But if you must tell your own story, make sure you don’t reply or come to defend people’s response, I mean drop your story and move on without taking what those that won’t believe you will say ….

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“Make sure you’re ready for people’s judgement before you Tell your story because so many that are blindfolded with your ex adopted mother will not believe you and will still judge you because she’s their favorite….

“Speaking up is one step of healing but you can’t heal if you’re not ready to move on or not bother about negative comments… I wish you good luck, you’re brilliant, talented and a model, you’re beautiful too but make sure you coordinate yourself when you’re in public so that people won’t be scared of associating with you…

“Just be smart,observant, tolerance, loyal and patient enough to get what you really want in life. Don’t be in competition with anyone if you want to be relevant forever, don’t be desperate to get to the Top so that you won’t make a costly mistake. Don’t be vulnerable to anyone who sounds like a saint, just don’t be quick to speak, don’t tell anyone your past life, be your own secret keeper.

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“Nobody will love you more than yourself,so make sure you’re settled all the time. Work and save, save and learn ideas, invest and not into your skin or dress, invest in your future… Don’t betray anyone who supports you because somebody else offers you more money than the other. Have integrity,be contented with what you have.

“You’re a young girl, so nobody will call you poor because you haven’t finish growing and the person haven’t seen your tomorrow… I wish you all the best babygirl. Let your mother be your best friend. Always feel free to tell your mother everything,she will correct you and support you… Good luck nne🤗”