A Nigerian clergywoman, identified as Prophetess CyyCyy O Power, is of the opinion that Christians should not be involved in online dating.

She stated this in a video making rounds online, where she opined that believers should not resort to online dating platforms to find a partner because it is not in line with biblical principles.

According to her, God has given Christians the formular for dating and it is for them to seek first His kingdom, not online dating.

She said when they seek God first, he will add love, marriage, children, houses, and everything they desire to their lives.

“Don’t seek online dating,” she urged her congregation.

Watch the viral clip below,

In other news, a mother of two has stirred mixed reactions on social media after she shared a video montage showing her and her husband’s beautiful transformation.

The woman, simply identified as Steph took to TikTok to share photos of herself and her husband when they first met in 2003 and what they looked like now.

She revealed she met her husband in 2003 in the village but didn’t start dating until 2014, and they had their traditional wedding in 2015.

In the post, she expressed her gratitude to her husband, whom she described as her best friend, while revealing he sponsored her education and supported her dream.