Popular Nollywood actresses, Destiny Etiko and Lizzy Gold, have taken to social media to lament the extreme cold in London.

The thespians, who are currently in the United Kingdom for their colleague Nosa Rex’s show, shared a video online to complain about the weather conditions there.

According to the two, it’s extremely cold in the UK compared to Nigeria.

They claimed the weather puts them in a romantic mood, but unfortunately, they do not have a partner there.

Watch video below,

Just recently, fast-rising Nigerian singer, Lade took to social media to share her nerve-racking experience living in the United Kingdom (UK).

In an Instagram video, the ‘Adulthood Na Scam’ hitmaker asserted that UK is not worth the hype because the reality of living there is a far cry from what is portrayed on social media.

She stated that the weather is extremely cold and that she wakes up every morning with a sore throat or a blocked nose, which is not an ideal way to live.

Lade added that the UK is not for the faint of heart, especially for students juggling education and work, as it is extremely stressful. She said most of them work nonstop with no time to rest.

She also advised people to value any money they receive from their relatives in the UK because earning money there is difficult.

According to Lade, she is not about that life and will be returning to Nigeria with immediate alacrity.