Popular music executive, Soso Soberekon, has revealed that he anticipated the arrest of embattled socialite, Hushpuppi, and had warned him beforehand.

During a recent interview, the talent manager disclosed that he was not surprised by Hushpuppi’s arrest.

According to Soso Soberekon, he and the convicted internet fraudster were friends and used to hang out whenever he traveled to Dubai.

Soso Soberekon stated that he had warned Hushpuppi about his extravagant spending and flaunting of wealth online prior to his arrest. He had advised Hushpuppi that his activities could lead to his arrest.

Speaking further, Soso noted that he gets heartbroken anytime he sees young people resorting to fraudulent activities, money rituals, or other criminal means to make quick money.

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In June 2020, Hushpuppi was apprehended at his residence in Dubai for his involvement in a multi-million dollar fraud orchestrated by him and his syndicate.

Recently, he received an 11-year prison sentence in the United States after pleading guilty in April 2021 to one count of conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

Hushpuppi, whose real name is Ramon Abbas, was sentenced by United States District Judge Otis D. Wright II. As part of the sentence, Judge Wright also mandated Hushpuppi to pay $1,732,841 in restitution to two victims who suffered financial losses due to his fraudulent activities.