@LAYOR promised: “I will definitely do this for my children ijn.’

@HollyTee0 said: “I know my mum can do more than this if she has ….. God bless her and protect her for me I love her endlessly.’

@Immaluv wrote: “Make u no later carry this land give man in the name of love oh. Cuz e go too pain me.”

@Lo-Ner🥺💔 said: “Me watching this video with my mum.”

@Lovergalnickey said: “At any cost no matter wat the risk might look like am definitely making dat money bc I would love my kids to have a very comfortable lifestyle.”

@Wifeofaking recounted: “My Dearest Mom did same for me, not 1 not 2 but 3 landed properties on different occasions. Keep resting sweet mom.”

@blesnapo489 prayed: “If my mom don’t have the money to do this for me. I pray I have the money to do it for her I love her so much.”

@sommy💖💕🥰 said: “This money i will make it cox my own children deserves this☺️☺️I’m proud of my parents despite not having much but makes it up to me.”

@joyada97 wrote: “Me watching with my mum using all her money with the money I gave her to play baba Ijebu.”

@Preship❤️ vowed: “My children must experience rich life from birth.”