Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Ilebaye Precious Odiniya, better known as Ilebaye, has seemingly hinted that she is still a virgin.

She stated this during a conversation with her fellow housemates, Ike and Adekunle, in the dressing room this afternoon.

The Kogi-born actress, who is the youngest housemate in this season, also countered Ike’s claims that virgins can’t have tattoos, go clubbing, or partake in certain activities.

In her response, the 22-year-old star emphasized that being a virgin doesn’t prevent them from enjoying life, partying, or getting tattoos.

Watch the clip below,

This comes only a few days after Neo Akpofure revealed in a fit of anger that Ilebaye cornered him in a male restroom and began kissing him.

After their Saturday night party, the two got into a sudden fight because Uriel kissed Neo who Ilebaye had her eyes on as a love interest.

During the heated argument that followed, Neo disclosed that Ilebaye had been chasing him outside the house for quite some time.

He disclosed that Ilebaye once took him to a Hard Rock male toilet and started acting in ways with which he wasn’t quite comfortable.

According to him, she keeps following him outdoors despite his repeated warnings since they entered the house, and he wondered if she believes she can afford him.

Ilebaye on the other side of the house alleged that she has been the one ignoring him and airing his messages that was why he was hurt and lying against her. Read here