The tragic passing of Nigerian artist Mohbad has continued to generate a wave of concern and grief among celebrities and fans alike. Many have come forward to lend their voices to uncover the truth behind his untimely demise. Some are also calling out other artist for “eye service”

Influencer, Laura Ikeji, has raised an intriguing point about the irony of bullies fighting for the bullied.

Laura Ikeji, known for her outspoken nature, shared her thoughts on the ongoing discussions surrounding Mohbad’s death. She highlighted the irony of celebrities rallying to condemn the bullying that Mohbad had reportedly endured, while some of them had also been involved in online bullying themselves.

Recently, Laura Ikeji found herself in the spotlight for another reason. After posting a photo proudly showcasing her adorable baby bump, congratulatory messages poured in from fans and well-wishers. As the younger sister of the renowned blogger Linda Ikeji, Laura’s life is often under the public’s watchful eye.

While revealing her growing baby bump, Laura Ikeji shared her excitement about her beauty store, which is currently a work in progress. She couldn’t hide her joy as she expressed her hopes for the store’s success and invited her followers to support her when it officially opens.

In the midst of this, another celebrity who has gained admiration and respect from netizens is actress Iyabo Ojo. Iyabo Ojo has fastidiously been following up with the investigations surrounding the death of Mohnad.

She had take a deep and bold step by visiting Mohbad’s Lekki home, where the late singer’s grieving mother resides. In a touching gesture, Iyabo Ojo filled the condolence register and offered her sympathies to the deceased’s mother.

Iyabo Ojo’s commitment to seeking justice for Mohbad and standing up for those who have faced mistreatment within the Marlian Records community has earned her widespread praise.