Nigerian singer Michael Adebayo Olayinka, popularly known as Ruger, has expressed his opinion that Nigeria does not have the best women in the world.

The ‘Bounce’ crooner made this statement during a recent interview with Beat FM. According to him, there are good girls in Nigeria, but they are not the best.

When asked about the country with the best women, he declined to respond, seemingly to avoid potential criticism from Nigerians.

He further noted that any man who has traveled outside Nigeria would agree with his statement that Nigerian women are not the best.

“100% we don’t have the best women in the world. That is a fact. We don’t. It’s straightforward. No man that has been around will just say that. We don’t have the best women. We have good women but we don’t have the best,” he said

Speaking further, Ruger mentioned that he would never bring any girl on stage when he is performing in Nigeria, unlike in other countries.

He explained that this decision is primarily because Nigerians were quick to criticize him for bringing ladies on stage in other countries.

The 24-year-old singer added,

“My people are toxic. I know them. And most of the girls in Nigeria are in a relationship. I don’t want someone to come for me. Nigerian girls are liars. They will be in a relationship and will be lying.”

Watch him speak below,