Nigerian clergyman Pastor Tunde Bakare has reacted to the sudden death of Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, better known as Mohbad, who passed away at 27 on Tuesday, September 12.

During a sermon in Leicester, United Kingdom, on Sunday, September 24, 2023, the clergy stated that the late singer may have died as a consequence of his actions while alive.

He asserted that when the late singer was drinking, smoking, and associating with evil people while he was alive, he didn’t realize that the ‘harvest’ would come so soon.

Speaking on the topic ‘Harvest’, the former presidential aspirant said,

“My wife and I listened to a tape last night on Mohbad. How many of you know MohBad? The Nigerian artiste who died at 27? Mohbad.

When he was drinking and smoking and associating with evil men, he did not know that the harvest would come so soon and that he would soon be cut down at the prime of youth.

I am not blaming him, I am just telling you. Is Mohbad a good name? Moh Bad.

There was a young man older than I am. He was a driver and his nickname was Èsù (devil). Everywhere he went, people hailed him as Èsù and he would acknowledge them.

The day he crashed the car and he killed people and they threw him behind jail when he was brought out, he said ‘Méè Sèsù Méè Sèsù (I am not the devil).”

Watch a short clip from the sermon below,