A Nigerian man is currently trending on social media after he shared a heartwarming video of his Caucasian wife’s visit to Nigeria.

The video captures the moment the loving husband went to pick up and welcome his wife at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

He also shared an endearing video of them exploring Lagos State and another video of them celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

The video has since gotten people talking on social media, with many sharing their thoughts on the interracial couple.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@kamarapreciousadan wrote, “If care is not taken. This woman that looks like grandma here is in her late 30s this people grow older so fast oh. They are not like us black. Enjoy guy🤣😂”

@tween_fairy wrote, “They are happy, they look happy and that is all that matters.”

@momoh_not_momo wrote, “Love comes natural when passport is involved. The man has hit jackpot”

@realestsandy wrote, “But if na woman do am, problem go dey😂😂, I hope he married her for genuine love cus white old women deserves love too not just their money.”

@ion.pryor.75 wrote, “Same gender that would water down single mothers. Anybody can be a gold digger”

Watch the videos below,